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#1 Exersaucer – Skip Hop Explore and More 3 Stage

I like to think of myself as a thrifty mom, I love second hand baby stuff that gets passed on from family to family. However, there are some things I just won’t skimp on, and this Skip Hop Explore More 3 Stage Activity Centre is a must have for all families!

I really do love Skip Hop products. I find that they are really good quality and last a long time. They have an interesting design concept to most of their products, and they always seem to kick things up a notch compared to some other brands I have used.

The thrifty part of me just loves this set up because it is so much more than your regular exersaucer, it is three stages in one purchase which is designed perfectly to cater to your growing baby! This is also great for us because we live in a smaller home, so being able to compact this all in to one saves on space!

If you are looking for something that will keep your ever busy baby entertained for more than five minutes, this is most definitely the product for you.

Product Description

Item: Skip Hop Explore and More 3 Stage Activity Center Exersaucer

Price: $140.91

Where to buy:

Age Recommendation: 4 months and up

Size: 31l x 31w x 18.5h; (cm): 79l x 79w x 47h

Batteries: 3 AAA Batteries

Product Features

  • Designed in collaboration with a Paediatrician
  • 3 stages of use: sit, swivel, bounce and play, cruise and interact, and play table
  • Converts to play table
  • Discovery Window™ allows baby to see foot piano and feet while playing
  • 25+ developmental activities to keep baby entertained
  • 360◦ rotating seat
  • 4 height adjustable foot support table
  • Toy loops to attach toys
  • Light up, musical piano with three music settings: motion sensor, song mode, piano mode
  • Spring cloud with colourful beads
  • Peek a boo owl that hoots
  • Hedgehog bead chaser with spinner
  • Swaying trees
  • Includes dishwasher safe “bee” snack bowl
  • Legs detach for easy storage
  • Phthalate-free

Packaging Contents for The Skip Hop Explore and More

Skip Hop

What I Like About The Skip Hop Explore and More

I love this exersaucer because it really is so much more than some exersaucers on the market right now. This model is so functional and a real space saver. It is specially designed to grow with your child, therefore it is a one purchase for many use item!

The colour choices that Skip Hop used for this is ideal, it is really easy on the eyes and doesn’t look bright and gaudy like most do.

It is light in weight, and easy to set up.

It has so many activities to help baby learn, and keep them entertained when I need a little break or want to have a shower.

The toys are all detachable which is great for easy cleaning. Awesome feature especially when baby starts eating solids and sticky hands are common.

The piano keyboard is removable so it can be used by tiny little baby feet, or they can use it with their hands making it one extra toy to keep her entertained!

What I Dislike About The Skip Hop Explore and More

I am sitting her as I write this trying to think of something that I dislike about the product and there really isn’t much that I don’t like about the Skip Hop Explore and More 3 Stage Activity Centre!

I guess if I did have to say something it would be that the window on the exersaucer is really hard to keep clean. Especially if baby has a spit up, or a snack while inside of it.

I also had a bit of a hard time getting the cloth seat off for washing, so to be honest I don’t do it often.


I give this product two big thumbs up! Thumbs Up

Between my two children I have gone through five separate exersaucers bought used online and I will never do it again.  I spent the money on this product and I would absolutely purchase it again and again, and I do recommend it to all my friends who are expecting or are parents already.

There are a few mom’s in my mom’s group that also have this Skip Hop Explore and More Activity Table and they rave about how great it is as well!

It ships right to your door in a neat little box, and has easy quick assembly that will keep your little one entertained for months and months, all you need to buy are batteries. You could also use it without the batteries for a more quieter experience if you choose.

If your baby gets bored of the toys that it comes with you can easily remove them and attach your own to change it up for awhile.

Skip Hop products are so well made, that this will last you for years and multiple children if that suits your fancy!

Skip Hop Activity Tables



Even More Fun

If you are looking to step it up one more notch, Skip Hop does have the Skip Hop Silver Lining Activity Table. This is essentially the same set up BUT it includes a chalk board surface on the play table.Skip Hop

The toys that are included with this model are:

  • Peek a boo clouds that pop up and squeak
  • Swaying stars that move back and forth
  • Wobble lamb with rattle beads
  • Sun with bead spinner
  • Dishwasher safe bird snack bowl
  • Light up, musical piano with three music settings: motion sensor, song mode, piano mode

I personally do not have this model because our space is just to small for our daughter to be playing with chalk inside. This would be great if you have a back patio, or back yard that your children play in.​​

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