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15 Unique Gifts for New Moms & More – Boxes by CrateJoy

Do you have a new or expecting mom that is hard to buy for?

How about a baby shower to attend, and you haven’t gotten a gift yet?

If you do, then you have come to the right place!

CrateJoy has created a line of one time purchase and subscription boxes that cater specifically to the pregnant mamas, new mamas, breastfeeding mamas, and beyond with their selection of new pregnancy gifts, self care gifts for new moms, breastfeeding boxes, and something special for those moms who are a little different or that have everything!

I received one of these boxes after I delivered my daughter and I have been hooked ever since. I have tried a number of them since then and subscribe to more than one.

With the holiday’s not far off right now you could get a head start on your Christmas shopping and not even have to leave the house and brave the busy mall. Literally, the best type of shopping is online shopping!

I have gone ahead and shared my favourite 15 CrateJoy boxes. They are available for multiple subscription options, and I know any mama that receives one of these boxes will be thrilled. They are all designed to pamper, please, and offer pick-me-ups during the tough months of pregnancy and the even tougher months of bringing home your baby and adjusting to life with a newborn. There really is something for everyone in this list!

Buying Guide

With fifteen boxes to choose from how do you know which one will be the perfect gift for that new mom?

I have a few tips to help you with your selection process:

–Is the woman you are buying for pregnant?

If yes, you are going to want to check out boxes 1 to 5. If not, keep reading.

–Is she a new mom? Is she breastfeeding or pumping?

If yes, check out boxes 6 to 10.

–Still don’t think you see anything perfect for her?

Check out these extra special boxes numbered 11 through 15 for those especially hard to buy for mamas.

Maternity & Pregnancy Boxes

1. THE BLESSINGS BOX – a happy life for mom and dad!









The Blessings Box is the perfect way to remind mom that she is important too while growing that baby and not to forget about taking care of herself. It comes delivered to your doorstep each month with 6-8 organic and eco-friendly friendly products that cater just to moms and expecting moms.

There is an “Ultimate Eternal Blessings” option which caters to all four trimesters which makes sure mom still takes time for herself during those busy first months with a newborn at home.

There is also a ‘Dad” option for those dads that need a little breather!

Three fantastic boxes to choose from. This will make sure nobody is forgotten, and everybody is taken care of during those seemingly never-ending months of pregnancy.

*This box only ships within the United States and are available as one time purchases or monthly subscriptions.

Take A Closer Look

2. THE ELLIE MAE BOX – delivering #allthefeels to you! 

The Ellie Mae Box

The Ellie Mae Box







This box also has three purchase options to choose from: #allthefeels for me (Just for mom), #allthefeels for me and baby, and #allthefeels for mom and fur baby! A special box for all those dog moms, because they are just as important and should not be forgotten about.

Each month you will be delivered 4-5 new, exclusive natural and organic beauty and wellness products from new up and coming local businesses. All boxes comes with a limited edition surprise gift. All boxes are specially catered directly to you to ensure products you will love using.

**The Ellie Mae Box ships out of Canada and is available worldwide as a single month or monthly subscription

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3. THE STORK BAG – The Best Pregnancy Gift Ever!™

The Stork Bag

The Stork Bag







Nicknamed “The Best Pregnancy Gift Ever” and for good reason, the Stork Bag is the first eco-friendly-friendly pregnancy subscription box! This box is the perfect choice for the expecting mama. All products are OB/GYN endorsed so they are double safe for pregnancy!

Each bag contains 8-15 full size and sample products specifically catered to each trimester and your post-partum needs. Products include the latest and greatest in pregnancy and post-partum care.  All products come nicely packaged inside a reusable bag. Every product is locally sourced by other moms specially for you, and 85% of products come from businesses owned by women.

**The Stork Bag ships worldwide from the United States and you receive one box every three months.

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4. THE MAMA BIRD BOX – a modern box for modern moms!

Mama Bird Box

Mama Bird Box







The Mama Bird Box is the perfect way to pamper any pregnant mama!

All boxes comes with 4-6 products including organic skin care products, accessories, healthy snacks, supplements and more! This box is enriches and uplifts, therefore it would be a great choice if the mama to be in your life is experiencing a hard pregnancy. Each product is designed to give attention to her specific needs for health, encouragement, and well-being.

**The Mama Bird Box ships worldwide from the United States as a single month or monthly subscription.

Take A Closer Look


5. THE ECOCENTRIC MOM – from pregnancy to preschool!

Eco Mom Box

Eco Mom Box







The Ecocentric Mom box is the perfect choice for that modern, and mindful mama to be! All products in this box are small batch organic and natural items that are selected perfectly to compliment your stage of pregnancy or motherhood.

This box caters from pregnancy up until your child is 4 years of age. All boxes contains 5-6 deluxe size products designed for mom & bump, or mom & baby that are guaranteed to pamper! This is the perfect bundle for those looking for gifts to carry on after pregnancy!

**The Ecocentric Mom Box ships from the United States to the US and Canada only and is available as a single month or monthly subscription.

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New Mama Boxes

6. THE BOOBIE BOX – breastfeeding essentials right to your door!

Boobie Box

Boobie Box







This is a great choice for that mom who is breastfeeding, or struggling to do so. All products in the Boobie Box are hand-picked by a Certified Lactation Consultant and breastfeeding mama of two. This box is delivered to your door each month and you can expect to find Lactation teas and snacks including bars and cookies, items to assist you with your breastfeeding journey, and special items just for baby.

All products are from trusted brands such as OatMama, Bamboobies, MilkMakers, NursElet and more!

The Booby Box caters to allergies and diet restrictions including soy, egg, dairy and gluten

**This box ships worldwide from the United States and is available as a single month, or monthly subscription.

Take A Closer Look


7. THE BAYSIDE BABY – babies first subscription box!

Bayside Baby

Bayside Baby







This is technically “babies first subscription box” but I feel it is important to share in the new mama category. Being a new mom is tough, and the last thing you want to do is go out to the store to pick up baby items – especially when there are so many to choose from.

This box helps overwhelmed parents by sending you 5-6 full size products for baby and mom that will hopefully eliminate the need to pack everyone up and head to the local baby store.

The Bayside Baby comes with three selections: It’s a Boy, It’s a Girl, or It’s a Surprise!

**This box ships world wide from the United States as a single month, or monthly subscription.

Take A Closer Look

8. THE BUNDLEBEE BOX – my favourite box yet!

Bundlebee Box

BundleBee Box







This is by far my favourite box yet! The BundleBee Box caters from pregnancy up to the age of 2. All boxes will be filled with hand selected pampering products for you and age specific items for your child. Self care items are included in this box and may include bubble bath, make up, skincare products, candles, and health items.

This box is seasonal, and the contents . It is most definitely worth the wait! Any mama that receives this box will not be disappointed! It is a great way to pamper that special lady in your life!

**This box ships worldwide from the United States and you receive one box every three months.

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9. THE COTTON BOOTY – the cloth diaper mystery box!

Cotton Booty

Cotton Booty







Do you know a mama that is thinking about cloth diapering? Maybe they aren’t quite ready to take the plunge yet? This is the box for them! The Cotton Booty Box is a monthly cloth diapering mystery box. You can customize your box selection by gender and there are six different combinations to choose from.

This box contains only the top cloth diapering products on the market right now and you will receive at least one cloth diaper in each box along with accessories and essentials for the cloth diapering process.

Customizable not only by gender, but by frequency and quantity each month a surprise box full of goodies will arrive to help get you off to a good cloth diapering start!

**This box ships worldwide from the United States as a single month, or monthly subscription.

Take A Closer Look


10. THE BOXY MAMA COMPANY – supporting moms one box at a time!

Boxy Mama

Boxy Mama







This box is for the overwhelmed mama that needs to remember to take a break and take care of herself from time to time! Think of these boxes as monthly care packages filled with fun, unique and fabulous items to help give mom a break from the daily chaos that comes with raising a child/children.

There are two subscription options with The Boxy Mama Company.

1. The Momma Mailer – 2 – 4 products mailed to your doorstep
1. The Monthly Box – 5 – 7+ full size items every mom needs and deserves

Featured items include stationery, home decor, jewelry, bath/beauty products, sweet treats, and much more! This would make a great Mother’s Day Gift Box as well. All boxes has over $80 of product inside, and $1 from each purchase is donated to post-partum support charities and organizations.

**This box ships from the United States to the US and Canada as a single month, or monthly subscription.

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Something A Little Extra

11. THE BAD ASS MOM BOX – a mom box unlike any other! For real life moms!

Bad Ass Mom BoxBad Ass Mom Box







This is my second favourite box out of the bunch! The Bad Ass Mom Box is for those real life mama’s who never get anything for themselves and deserve it more than ever. You will get 3-5 goodies in each box that include a variety of fun products like beauty essentials, home products, health products, accessories, jewelry and more!

These boxes come themed in sassy names such as: Hot Summer Mess, Mama Needs A Cocktail, Chaos Coordinator and many more fun relatable themes.

This box is rated the “Best Mom Subscription Box” on the market right now, and I can tell you that it does not disappoint.

**This box only ships within the United States as a single month, or monthly subscription.

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12. SHA MAMA RISING – sha mama’s little helper!

Sha Mama RisingSha Mama Rising







The perfect choice for those Witchy Women in your life! The spiritual mama, The Punk Mama, and the Magical Mama included! All these wonderfully magical hand created products are made by women, specially for women, and you cannot find these special products anywhere else!

All boxes is loaded with 3-5 full size unique products that help you dive in to some self care and reconnect with yourself. You also receive monthly crystals and a crystal grid with the Sha Mama Rising Box! Oils, teas, and aromatherapy essentials are known to be delivered in this funky box.

**This box ships worldwide from the United States and comes one box every three months.

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13. WOMBOLOGY – a safe place for women to heal!








The Wombology Box is unlike any of the previous boxes I have mentioned. This box is strictly for promoting womb wellness and dives in to the deep connection with spiritual health like no other. This box would be a great choice if she is having a hard time conceiving, or is looking to try again after a loss of pregnancy. This box would also be great for that meditative mama who forgets to take time for herself now that she is raising littles.

Each monthly box features a new and exciting theme which will include 4-6 full sized items such as bath apothecary, herbal teas, beauty products, super food snacks, handmade jewelry, smudging essentials and more.

All products in Wombology are hand selected by women for women and aid in fostering a deeper spiritual connection and loving relationship with ones self.

**This box ships worldwide from the United States and comes one box every three months.

Take A Closer Look

14. HEART GROWN – encouragement for the wait!

Heart GrownHeart Grown







Heart Grown is a very special subscription box specially for those adoptive mothers in waiting. It is meant to send comfort and encouragement for mamas going through foster to adopt, domestic adoption, or international adoption processes. Adoptive mother’s to be deserve their own box, because the process of adoption is long, and sometimes may feel hopeless.

All boxes contains 2-3 adoption related or spirit lifting items along with one item to pamper yourself with. Items included are all handcrafted and unique just for this Heart Grown Box.

**This box ships from the United States to the US and Canada as a single month, or monthly subscription.

Take A Closer Look

15. THE CRUNCHY MOM BOX – eco-friendly must haves just for mom!

Crunchy MomCrunchy Mom







Last but most definitely not least is The Crunchy Mom Box. It is a monthly subscription of organic, eco-friendly-friendly and natural mom items. This box is great for those mamas who are looking for products with fewer chemicals and that are earth friendly.

All boxes will come loaded with 5-8 items to help you make a healthy switch to more eco-friendly-friendly living. All products are hypoallergenic and safe for the whole family. This is an excellent choice for a woman with a scent allergy, or someone who has sensitive skin

**This box ships word wide from the United States as a single month, or monthly subscription.

Take A Closer Look


Something For Everyone

As you can see there truly is something for every type of mama out there, and even the dads too! CrateJoy follows through with high quality products, and stands behind them fully.

As a mother myself, I can tell you from experience that we do forget to take care of ourselves and easily get overwhelmed as the day to day tasks begin to pile up. I would love to receive any one of these boxes as a gift, and have purchased a number of them for myself as a little treat here and there. I have yet to be disappointed with any one that I have received, and will continue to be a customer for the foreseeable future!

If you have any questions about any of the boxes listed here please do not hesitate to leave a comment or to email me personally at and I will do my best to help you make the right decision.

Click here for more gift ideas for mom! 


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14 thoughts on “15 Unique Gifts for New Moms & More – Boxes by CrateJoy”

  1. Hello, I have just read viewed your site and I think you are on to a winner with some of these ideas. I think that the products are very reasonably priced for a start and you cover so many ideas, that there is something there for even the most discerning of moms. Tell me do you know if there is anything in the organic range for a gift idea? Thanks, Kenny 

    1. Hi Kenny! 

      Now a lot of the boxes have only organic all natural products in them – The Crunchy Box is the ultimate organic, eco-friendly box. All of the products inside are as natural as can be!

  2. I have heard the name Crate Joy but I never knew what it was until now. The stork bag looks like a really cool gift for expecting moms. The mama bird box is a really sweet pick-me-up. Is this a subscription service? If so, how much is it monthly? I am definitely sharing this with all my friends. They’re great if your expecting,already a mom, or just want to send to a mom to give her a little gift. 

    1. Hi Evette, 

      They are subscription boxes – but also available for single month purchases. Each box has different choices for shipping. The cost of each is different, ranging from around $19.99 -$50.00 a month! 

  3. Hi Montana,

    Thanks so much for sharing this article, as I was looking on the internet for a gift to buy for a new mom, I came across your website and this article helped me a lot to find the right new mom to buy for my friend.

    I think if someone is looking to buy a new mom gift on the internet, they will love to read your article.

    This time my pick is The Cotton Booty, think my friend will love it! it’s so good to know this company makes worldwide box ships!

    what an amazing idea, it makes so simple to get a gift the person will love!

  4. I found this article to be very helpful. I have one sister that is pregnant and I would like to buy her a present that she will not forget. I would choose the blessings box but it ships only within united states. I think that I will choose number 2. Thanks for this interesting topic. It can be also a great gift for Valentine’s day.

  5. Hey Montana, excellent post. I love how you created a box for just about every type of mom and woman in general and centered it around moms. 

    Your post was innovative and very colorful, it would’ve been nice if some of that stuff was around when my wife was pregnant with my little boy but I’m going to save your post because there is some really good stuff on here for my wife as well as my sister who interested in having kids. 

    Great post, I love what you did with it and the direction, Good job!

  6. I think every new mom is hard to buy for! My sister in law is currently pregnant with her second and child and it was already difficult to buy a gift for her when she was pregnant with her first child. 

    I always want to give a gift that is both unique and useful, but I always have the hardest time coming up with ideas. I have never thought of a subscription box before, so thank you for enlightening me. I especially like the idea of the Bundlebee box (which I see was also your favorite) because it has items for both Mom and baby.

  7. Thank you for the information from Cratejoy. I will be checking them out further and may buy something for my wife. Wish I had this before when she was pregnant. Lots of great gift ideas which I am sure she would love. Please keep posts like this coming because gifts like these are what mothers want. 

    Can you please recommend one of your favorites for me to buy for my wife?

    Thanks and have a great day!

    Proud papa of two,


  8. Hello Montana! I am quite angry about your article! WHERE IS THE FATHER’S GIFT? 

    Don’t worry I am just joking 🙂 

     I am also a father of two children just like you and I know it is very difficult to choose between the different products available in the market. As a father I wanted to buy some organic products for my wife and my 4 months old baby and I was completely lost and didn’t buy any. Lol 

    The first two boxes, The Blessings Box and The Ellie Mae Box are quite interesting but they don’t ship to France as you mentioned. 

    I have an opinion about subscription boxes that I would like to share with you and your audience. In my opinion, one month is too short and I don’t believe you’ll have the time to finish the first products you already received. Automatic buyer is not really suited for everyone, three months subscription is better I think. What is your point of view? 

    Thank you again and I am still waiting for my birth gift… haha

    1. haha! This is great – my spouse actually said the exact same thing while I was writing this! 

      IF you reaaally want to shop mens – here is the link! 

      Now, that really is an interesting way to put the shipping. I guess it would make sense that a month is not very long to get to try all of the products! Some women (like me) would probably power through those in no time though. There are a few boxes that ship once every three months to give you a little more time. They categorize the products included for the current time of year as well! 

  9. What a great round up – and just in time for the holiday season!
    Thank you, Montana, for including our Box (The Boobie Box™️). What a humbling surprise to see it on your list!

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