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Best Baby Strollers of 2018 – There is Something for Everyone!

Did you know there are over 50 types and brands of strollers on the market right now just in Canada alone?

Does that seem like an extremely overwhelming number to you?

I think so!

I know how hard of a time I had while trying to choose the “perfect stroller” for both of my children, it was enough to drive myself crazy and everyone around me. Being that is nearing the end of the year I have decided to share the best baby strollers to come out of 2018. The top ten rated and reviewed by myself and other parents.

A lot of careful thought and research has gone in to this product review, and my hope in sharing this with you is that you will have an easier time making a decision than I had during both of my pregnancies.

I know how new and confusing becoming a parent can be, and the amount of baby “stuff” you need to accumulate before the big day is overwhelming. Please don’t hesitate to send me a message if you need more information on any of the items listed here. I am happy to help!

Buying Guide

Strollers are such an essential part of raising a baby, especially in a city where everything is in walking distance like the one we live in. Being a new mom at home all the time with a baby and being able to get out of the house for a walk and some fresh air is such an essential part of keeping your cool on those hard days.

There are a few things to consider before you buy though.

What will you be using the stroller for?

  • Day to day running around
  • Your main mode of transportation
  • Exercise
  • Travelling

What is your budget?

Do you need a carseat included?

Does colour matter?

Keep your “must have” list close at hand while scrolling through.

10 Best Baby Strollers of 2018


10. THULE URBAN GLIDE 2Thule Urban Glide 2


Recently voted the best all terrain stroller for 2018 the Thule Urban Glide 2 comes in as one of the lightest on the market right now at 25.3 lbs which makes it perfect for cruising city streets or off-roading on your favourite trails. Comes with a comfortable seat that reclines completely flat, five point harnesses and peek-a-boo window all to ensure comfort and safety of your little one.

Featuring an ergonomic water resistant handle that is adjustable to suit your comfort level and sturdy inflatable tires. This stroller is built for jogging so the added safety feature of the hand break gives you better control when going a quicker pace on bumpy or steep terrain.

the Thule Urban Glide 2 has a weight capacity of 75lbs, and can easily be used from birth with the addition of car seat adapter (sold separately). There is a large zippered storage compartment underneath to safely store your belongings in any type of weather.


  • Easy to maneuver on all terrains
  • Well built, good quality
  • Lots of storage space
  • Fully reclining seat with safety harness
  • Compact and easy to fold
  • Large multi position canopy blocks your child from the elements
  • 75lb weight limit
  • Handlebar is adjustable


  • Tires need to be maintained and inflated
  • Foot brake is tricky to use
  • The price
  • Must buy separate car seat adapter

Overall Rating: 82/100

Price: $549.99

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Thule Urban Glide 2


The Graco Roadmaster Jogger Travel System is 20% smaller than the current model of the Fast Action Jogger. It includes all the luxuries of its sister model just in a compact size. This model comes with the SnugRide Click Connect 30 LX Infant Car Seat. This is a rear facing infant seat with a weight limit of 30lbs.

The car seat clicks in safely facing you so you can have eyes on your young child at all times. For an even lighter ride, you can remove the toddler seat and just clip in the infant seat to the sturdy frame. Weighing in at 35lbs it is one of the heavier strollers on the list, but stands on end when folded to save on space.

The toddler seat holds a weight limit of up to 50lbs, and has an easy recline handle behind the seat for multiple positions. The canopy is wide and covers the seat well from the weather. Stroller also features built in cup holders and uncovered storage basket underneath. This is a great set for those looking for a well made travel system at a better price than some other models.


  • The price
  • You get car seat and stroller in one
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth ride, easy to maneuver
  • Comes with cup holders
  • Folds down in seconds, and stands on end for easy storage


  • Weight limit is only 50lbs
  • Storage space is not covered
  • Bulkier than other models

Overall Rating: 83/100

Price: $549.97

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The Bob Revolution Pro takes the cake in off-roading strollers. This stroller features a full suspension system that allows for a smooth ride no matter what terrain you are on. Comes fully loaded for your child’s safety and comfort which of course makes this stroller a little on the wide side and not the best for maneuvering in tight spaces.

Also with an adjustable handle to accommodate those under 5 feet and over 6 feet and a hand break this allows for total control when pushing at higher speeds. Three 16 inch wheels allow this stroller to have a weight limit of 75lbs.

This model does not come with an infant seat and isn’t recommended for babies under 6 months. You can easily turn this stroller in to a travel system with the purchase of the BOB infant car seat adapter.


  • Hand brakes
  • 9 position adjustable handlebar
  • 75lb weight capacity
  • Great for any type of terrain
  • Smooth ride


  • Wide
  • Bulky
  • The Price
  • Storage basket is small
  • Cup holders are sold separately

Overall Rating: 84/100

Price: $549.99

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This is another travel system on the market, and it rates high with its users. This is an ideal set up for a newborn as the car seat attaches seamlessly and the canopy creates a perfect fitting cover over your baby. Britax is known for outstanding safety recommendations and going the extra mile in comfort for your growing baby.

Though not technically a jogging stroller, the three wheel design allows for easy maneuvering and a smooth ride. This lightweight system folds down with one hand, and lays flat for storage. One thing to note about this model of stroller is that it does not come with a foot rest for older babies.

The storage space is not the largest, and it is not covered, but it does the job for day to day needs. The seat features something called “infinite recline” which allows you to pick whatever seat angle you like and not preset ones as some other stroller models feature. I will note that even with this “infinite recline” the seat does not lay down completely flat or sit completely upright.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Comes as travel system with car seat
  • Large canopy
  • Price is reasonable


  • Seat does not lay flat or sit completely upright
  • No footrest
  • No cup holders

Overall Rating: 90/100

Price: $539.99

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The StrollAir CosmoS Single Stroller is built with parents in mind. It is made of lightweight aluminum weighing only 20lbs. Rubber wheels have 360 degree rotation or lock in place option with front and back suspension. Excellent stroller for your newborn as it comes with a bassinet attachment which is certified for safe sleep, even overnight. The seat fully reclines to a flat position and the stroller has an adjustable foot rest.

The baby in this stroller can face the person pushing or face outwards, and it comes with rain cover, mosquito cover, diaper bag, and large shopping basket with two extension pockets. Though this set is not a travel system, you can easily turn it in to one with the purchase of the infant car seat adapter.

This stroller set comes with personalization options such as air tires, cup holders, snack tray, and shopping tote. These of course cost extra. The maximum weight capacity is 50lbs. Overall, this is a great option if you are looking for something along the lines style wise of the UPPABaby but at a better price.


  • Fully reclining seat and foot rest to accommodate the size of your child comfortably
  • One of the lightest in weight
  • Comes with newborn bassinet that can be used at home
  • Stroller seat turns to face person pushing, or face out
  • Comes with rain cover, mosquito cover, diaper bag,


  • Extra cost of add on features
  • Have to purchase car seat separately

Overall Rating: 91/100

Price: $499.00

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No list would be complete without some form of an umbrella stroller, and The Summer Infant 3D Tote finishes in the top of its class for 2018. Weighing in at only 17lbs it is an excellent choice for parents who often travel, or want to run day to day errands and will be setting up and taking down many times throughout the day. I wouldn’t recommend it for your everyday stroller, but it does get the job done that you need it to.

The seat comes with a five point safety harnesses and features a full recline that is great for napping on the go, or diaper changes. This stroller has anti shock wheels and back wheel foot lock. This stroller has what they consider an “extra-large” storage basket and a cup holder is also included without having to purchase separately. The storage space can be expanded if need be, which is a great feature to have on a stroller these days. One of the biggest storage spaces I have seen on a stroller and definitely a must have for those who like to shop!

The weight capacity on this stroller is 50lbs, and it is not recommended for babies under the age of six months. The child seat does feature snack and sippy cup holders so your child can snack on the go.


  • Sturdy design prevents tipping unlike most umbrella strollers
  • Extra large storage basket
  • Lightweight
  • Folds down easily and small
  • Large sun shade canopy
  • Price is reasonable


  • Not ideal for everyday use
  • Wheels do not allow for off-road or bumpy terrain
  • Not suitable for newborns

Overall Rating: 91.5/100

Price: $161.98

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The Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller is the ultimate choice for city dwellers. It is able to maneuver in tight corners and spaces, as well as fold up small for storage when space is limited. City Mini says that this stroller is so easy to fold down you can do it while holding your baby in the other arm.

Something to keep in mind with this one is that just because “jogger” is in the name, it is actually not built for jogging. It does have all terrain tires and hand break and adjustable handle bar but it is not the greatest off the beaten path.

This stroller can be turned in to a travel system with purchase of car seat adapter, and has a number of extra add-ons for an added cost. The weight limit for this stroller is 65lbs and comes with a comfortable reclining seat and five point harnesses for your child’s safety.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Folds easily
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • Great for city living
  • Hand brake


  • Fabric is noisy
  • Peek-a-boo window can be hard to see through
  • Must purchase add-ons such as car seat adapter and cup holders

Overall Rating: 92/100

Price: $499.99

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UPPABaby strollers always end up high on the best of lists and for good reason. The UPPABaby Cruz 2018 model got some upgrades for its release earlier in the year and people are loving them! The first being the leather handlebar and bumper bar. This makes those much used pieces extra durable, and they are made chemical free! Bonus! They have also upgraded the finish of the frame making it more durable and scratch resistant, and fabric choices got new colours and a less shiny finish.

Though not covered, this stroller features an extra large storage basket, and it can and will manage those heavy loads. The seat on the UPPABaby Cruz 2018 can be used for babies aged 3 months and can face the pusher, or face outwards depending on your child’s age and preference. The weight limit for this seat is 50lbs. Seat also fully reclines for napping on the go. This setup is ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces with its slim design, and can be folded with or without the seat attached.

If paired with the UPPABaby Mesa Infant Car Seat you can easily turn this stroller in to a travel system without having to purchase a car seat adapter. Infant bassinet is also available for purchase separately. If you are set on having an UPPABaby system this is an excellent choice for a lesser cost than the Vista model, however, if you factor in the extra add-ons such as the bassinet you may end up spending more.


  • Large SPF 50 canopy and sun shade
  • Huge storage basket
  • High quality materials
  • Lots of colour choices
  • Easily folded and stored
  • Lightweight


  • If want to use from birth, must add bassinet or car seat which can be pricey
  • Wheels are not meant for rough terrain
  • No suspension system

Overall Rating: 94/100

Price: $729.99

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Another Baby Jogger stroller has made the list, and for good reason. The Baby Jogger City Lux 2018 is rated the ultimate convertible stroller for the year and has parents raving about its design. It features a reversible almost flat recline seat that can be used from 3 months of age. This can easily be used from birth with purchase of carrycot or infant car seat. It also converts from a single stroller to a double for when you add to your family.

Previously “extra add on” features such as the cup holder and belly bar are now standard on every Baby Jogger City Lux 2018 stroller. It also features over 20 riding options and positions, this is more than any other single to double stroller on the market right now.

It is easy to fold down to a compact size which makes it a great choice for on the go parents, or those who often travel. Hand operated brakes, flip-flop friendly foot brake ensure you always have total control while on the move. This stroller features all wheel suspension system with lightweight and durable wheels with front lock option. Though they claim to be all terrain tires, they would not suit a bumpy ride.


  • Lightweight compact design
  • Single to double stroller
  • Many seating options
  • Easily turns in to travel system
  • Well made


  • Expensive
  • Not great for bumpy or off-road terrain

Overall Rating: 96/100

Price: $899.99

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The UPPABaby Vista 2018 is the stroller of all strollers. It has an ability to accommodate three children at one time. Like the UPPABaby Cruz previously mentioned, it features real leather handlebar and belly bar. The new extended bassinet allows for weight of up to 30lbs and is approved for safe sleep during the nights.

Like previous models, the UPPABaby Vista features a large sunshade with SPF 50 to keep your child safe from the sun. It has undergone a wheel upgrade to make it easier to handle along with an adjustable handle to suit your comfort. Attach the UPPABaby Mesa car seat and you have a travel system as well! It has an extra-large storage basket with a weight limit of 30lbs, that is huge for moms who will be using this stroller as their main mode of transportation.

Though this set up is at the top of the list price wise, it is definitely at number one on my list. It really is all you need and more in a stroller, sleep, travel system and will be the only stroller you need to buy if planning on having more children or have twins. UPPABaby takes no short cuts on comfort or safety and it shows in how well-built these units are. Someone once told me that once you try an UPPABaby stroller you will never look back, and that claims to be true with the people I know. Those who have them rave about them. Purchase the UPPAbaby Mesa Infant Car Seat to make it a travel system!


Check out my full product review here! 


  • Grows with your child from newborn to 50lbs
  • Can accommodate up to three children
  • Well built and durable
  • Comes with SPF 50 sun shade and mosquito net
  • Huge storage basket with 30lb capacity
  • Very user-friendly, easy to use


  • Expensive
  • Add ons can add up

Overall Rating: 98/100

Price: $1249.99

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Why Are These The Top 10?

I have created this list for you using what I think are the most requested features of a stroller. I have taken other parents reviews and recommendations in to count, and I have consulted with many moms along the way in the process of creating this post.

What do they like?

What don’t they like?

What do they wish their current stroller or travel system had?

If they knew now how their current model works, would they purchase it again?

I stand behind my list 100% and would gladly use and purchase any one of these models.

I do not think there is a “bad” stroller on the list, however they are counted down for a reason according to my own views and the views of others.


Key points to remember when purchasing a stroller are:

  • What are going to be your main uses for the stroller? – You wouldn’t purchase an umbrella stroller if you are planning on jogging with it.
  • Your budget – Just because a model you like isn’t the most expensive on the market doesn’t mean that it isn’t as good. Prices and brand names can sometimes be deceiving.
  • Your living situation – Are you in a small apartment where storage is tight? Will you be lifting your unit in and out of your trunk everyday?

Please don’t hesitate to drop a comment, or send me an email if you have any questions regarding one of the stroller models shown here. I will do my best to respond to you as quickly as possible!




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20 thoughts on “Best Baby Strollers of 2018 – There is Something for Everyone!”

  1. I was hoping you would have a recommendation for a travel stroller and you DO!  It’s so helpful.  You can buy one of the cheap ones, but then it won’t have all the storage compartments you need, or it just doesn’t fold up right or it’s not durable enough to withstand the harsh airport luggage treatment.  The worst nightmare is getting to the destination and the @#$# stroller is BROKEN!  ARRRRGGGGHH.  But this one looks really rugged and worth the money.  THANK YOU.

  2. Dear Montana

    You really brought this subject.  I’m an expectant grandmother and we’re trying to decide what stroller would be best for mom and baby.

    I so appreciate what you’ve done here.  All these strollers appear to be a good choice.  We will have to decide based on budget and use.  You gave us facts to go over.  You made yourself seem very trustworthy because you even interviewed other Moms and Mom reviews.

    Great title.  I would definitely stop and read this site because of the title.

  3. Great stroller reviews. My baby days are over, but now I have grandchildren who will be needing strollers and such. I remember back in the day when I was buying strollers. I bought the one you can run with. It was easy to do fold up, mind you back then it was bit bulky. Now I notice they are more sleek as well as being comfortable for both mother and child. 

    Back then the prices were low as well, but not they seem to have gotten crazy expensive. My cousin just had a baby and is in need of a stroller, these reviews are great and I will forward this page to her. She is city girl who walks everywhere. 

  4. so I have been trying to decide what kind a baby stroller to get as a gift for my brother-in-law and wife. They enjoy being outdoors and hiking, but I know not every stroller is made for all terrains.

    What would be a good stroller for an active family with good storage space? That way they don’t have to carry as much either! 

    Thank you for all these great strollers! There is definitely a lot to choose from that’s for sure!

    1. Hi Timm, 

      Active family, and lots of storage sounds like the Thule Urban Glide 2! 

      Please let me know if you have any more questions. 

      Have a great weekend.

  5. Fantastic article. My wife and I have three daughters and Just got rid of or last stroller and surprise we’re expecting our forth. So I was searching the web for a new stroller and found your article. The strollairs cosmos is looking like everything we need. Does this one fold up nicely to fit in the back of a van? Strollers have definitely come a long way it’s almost like buying a car. Great feature I really do like is it’s only 20lbs there’s nothing worse then trying to lug a heavy stroller. I’m really excited I found your site and we will be returning for more of our new baby’s needs. Thank you David

    1. Hello David, 

      It would easily fit in the back of a van. With this model you would have to remove the car seat adapter (if you are using one) in order to fold it down flat. 

      Congratulations on your new bundle! How exciting! 

  6. I remember when I was picking out a stroller.  Believe me, it’s not an easy decision.  There is such a huge selection available and it’s impossible to look at all of them.  I wish there would have been a review like this for me back then.  My daughter-in-law is expecting and I’m going to send her this link so she’ll know which one is the best for her needs.  Thanks so much for laying this out in such a thorough manner.  🙂

    1. HI Shanon, 

      Thanks for your comment! Please let your daughter-in-law know she can contact me if she has any questions regarding these or another model not listed here.

  7. Hi Montana!

    Buying a stroller is like buying a car almost. Hahaha. It’s so many features to consider and situations you should think about. I have a two year old, and I bought a stroller very similar to the Uppababy Cruz 2018, and I’m glad I did. I use it almost DAILY. I go on walks to calm my baby and get her to nap at consistent times, and I started this when she was very young. Without the stroller, I may have been pulling my hair out! I have a few questions…

    Which of the strollers can be used for the longest time? I can tell some of them are good for newborns, but I want to make sure I’m reading this right about the age or weight they’ll grow out of them. Is it true that the Bob Revolution Pro goes up to 75lbs?  Whoa! My 11 year old is 74 lbs in the 6th grade!  That means that stroller can hold him.  Is there a length limit?

    Thanks for a great compilation of strollers to look at and consider. I’ll have to pass this article onto my expecting friends!

    1. Hi Tiffany! 

      Yes, 75lbs is the weight restriction for the Thule Urban Glide 2. There really is no height restriction for this model, however some similar thule strollers recommend 44-48 inches. If you purchased the car seat adapter – this stroller would definitely allow use for the longest amount of time. Please let me know if you have any more questions! 

  8. Hi Montana;

    This is a great comprehensive review of many choices for a stroller. I’m trying to find something for my niece, and I am a bit confused now. Baby strollers have come a long way since my son was a little boy. Lol

    I think what I need to do is bookmark this for reference and check more with her to see what her specific needs will be. I didn’t realize there were so many different features and options available.

    But you have made my job easier with all of this great info!Stella 🙂

    1. Hi Stella! 

      I agree it really is a tough choice! Just make sure you are buying something that will suit their needs! If you have any questions please let me know, I am happy to help you. 

  9. Really useful guide, looking to buy one of these as a gift, some of them look really cool. I really like the look of the first one but  bit out of my budget. Are there any that you could recommend under $250 and one that also looks futuristic like the Thule Urban Glide? I have to admit, I have never seen a baby stroller priced over a grand but then again, I only recently started looking around.

  10. 50 types of strollers! It’s so difficult to choose anything these days with the complete saturation of products on the market. That’s why reviews such as yours are so helpful. Especially with your easy to read pro’s and con’s at the bottom of each stroller you review.

    It’s so tedious as a customer to have to comb through endless products just to search for the one that’s right for you. Especially when many versions have so many similarities.

  11. Thank you for this great review of the best baby strollers of 2018.  I had not heard of many of these brands before.  I was shocked to learn that there are over 50 brands of baby strollers in Canada alone.

    I agree that new mom’s really need to invest in a good baby stroller because you will be using them to transport your lovely baby and toddler for many, many, many trips.  Skimping on a cheap and cheerful stroller that breaks down and lets you and your baby down at a key time is awful – I should know, that happened to me once.

    When we chose the replacement stroller, we had to pick one that could take both a newborn child AND a toddler. This cut down the range of options considerably.  

    I really like the Bob Revolution Pro, it looks like it would be great around parks and gardens. I was just wondering what your #1 was? 

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