Best Disposable Diapers of 2019 – The Top Five!

There is no getting around diapers of some sort when you have a baby around, whether you choose cloth, disposable or a combination of the two, you are probably wondering which brand will keep in the messes and not cost a fortune.

Many parents use cloth diapers while at home, and switch to disposable when they are out and about because they are most convenient. Some parents, like us, prefer to use disposable diapers all of the time because they save on space (no diaper pails in our small apartment or paying for extra loads of laundry), and we travel quite a bit, so they just work for us.

The type of disposable diaper you choose will greatly depend on your personal preferences, and you may need to try a number of brands before you find the right fit for, your family and most importantly – your baby.

There are eco-friendly options, scented options, nighttime, daytime, patterned and plain. I could go on and on.

No matter which brand you go with, we all have the same goal with a diaper: to keep the messes inside!

Just like babies come in all shapes and sizes, diapers are no different. I have composed this list according to my own research through contact with friends and family and the internet, as well as products I have used in the past and am currently using.

Best Disposable Diapers of 2019

Top Pick

​Pampers Swaddlers Pampers

Pampers makes the top of the list with their signature “Swaddlers.” Known for their blanket like softness and wetness indicator, Pampers Swaddlers rate high among moms for those early newborn days. The diapers have a contoured top to avoid contact with the umbilical stump while it is healing, this helps prevent injury and infection.

They are among the softest newborn diapers you will find, and come with a uniquely designed liner to help keep your little one dry and these diapers are great and helping prevent diaper rash because the cloth like material sucks away wetness from babies sensitive skin.

Pampers also has a reward system. You earn points with each Pampers product that you purchase, and can exchange them for gifts and baby goodies. Check out Pampers Rewards here!

Pampers Swaddlers also come in a sensitive version for those babies with extra delicate skin.

Runner Up

​The Honest Company The Honest Co

​The Honest Company diapers ranked a close second place with moms. Not only are they super absorbent, they are also eco-friendly and made with naturally derived and sustainable materials. The Honest Company diapers are made without latex, chlorine processing, fragrances or lotions. This makes them great for babies with sensitive skin.

Did I mention how adorable they are? These diapers come in a number of cute prints, 32 different ones to be exact.

Keep in mind though, these diapers do come with a price tag. They are not the most budget friendly. Even though they say they are fragrance free, they do have a slight citrusy scent to them.

Hospitals #1 Choice

​Huggies Little Snugglers Huggies

​Huggies Little Snugglers are ranked #1 diaper in Canadian hospitals. These diapers feature tiny soft pillows inside that act like a gentle barrier between baby’s gentle skin and diaper messes. Huggies Little Snugglers have a colour changing wetness indicator and a pocket in the back of each diaper to help keep blow outs at bay.

These diapers are breathable, scent free, and lotion free which is ideal for preventing diaper rash on your baby.

Newborn and Preemie sizes do feature the umbilical cord cut out, much like the Pampers Swaddlers.


Another Eco-Friendly Option

​Seventh Generation Free & Clear Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation diapers are another eco-friendly option on a better price tag than The Honest Company. These diapers are made without dyes, perfumes, or any chlorine processing so they are better for the environment than other brands. These diapers have an “ultra-absorbent core” made of sustainably-sourced fluff to prevent leaks.

Seventh Generation feature a unisex pattern, and newborn sizes also come with an umbilical cord cut out.

Keep in mind, there is no wetness indicator on these diapers, and the colour of them makes it difficult to tell if your baby needs to be changed.



Ultimate Earth-Friendly

Bambo Nature Premium Bambo Nature

When it comes to earth friendly options, Bambo Nature is high up on the best of list. This is a family run business who are also parents, so they know how important it is to have all natural options to put on your baby. Their diapers are free from all chemicals and known allergens, and they have a unique three layer design that is built to stand up to multiple wettings – especially overnight.

Featuring a wetness indicator, and a fully breathable build, these diapers are a safe and gentle way to keep your baby dry.

Keep in mind, you will pay a price for these diapers, but in my opinion, they are worth every penny and more.


How To Choose?

Above I have shared what I think to be the Best Diapers of 2018. These are my top five picks from what I have personally used, and still use today with our daughter Marlow. Through careful collaboration with friends and family, I have narrowed it down to just five because as difficult as bringing a new baby home is, I wanted to keep this list as manageable as possible for tired eyes.

If you are unsure which brand will work best for your family and your little one, I suggest buying a small package of at least two brands and trying them out for yourself.

Just like every baby is different, every diaper is built and shaped different, so what works for one baby may not be a great choice for another. It really is one of those trial and error situations that you must go through.

One recommendation I do have though if you end up with something that doesn’t work well for you, is please donate the left overs to a women’s shelter, food bank, or family in need. That way they do not go to waste, and you will be lending a helping hand to someone who could use it.

Amazon Prime

Once you have decided on a brand of diaper that you love, you can easily have them delivered right to your doorstep every month. Amazon Prime offers free 2 day shipping with its membership.

Month to month; $7.99

1 year: $79.00




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