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If you are pregnant or a new parent, you have probably heard the term “swaddling” over and over. This is where you wrap your baby in a blanket or cloth to prevent free movement. Babies like to be wrapped up when they are freshies because it makes them feel safe and snug as they were in the womb.

As a new parent, do you really have time to swaddle your child every time they go down to sleep? Newborns can sleep up to 20 hours in a 24-hour period. I don’t know about you, but for myself, I was open to any help I could get during those early days that would allow me a free moment to myself.

How long can you swaddle your baby for? Well the simple answer for that is until they can roll over. At that point it is unsafe for them to be swaddled, especially with their arms inside. This can lead to SIDS or suffocation.

After your baby has outgrown being swaddled, you can use a sleep sack. This is essentially exactly what it sounds like, a sac you put them in for sleeping. It allows their arms to be free, yet their body is still all tucked inside. Using a sleep sac is also a safer option than using a blanket to cover your baby while they sleep.

If you have been following my story, you will know the challenges that we have had trying to get our daughter Marlow to sleep. I recently found these products, and wish that I had known about them when she was a newborn because I would have loved to try the swaddles. Unfortunately, she is too big for them, so the sleep sacs are the way we had to go.

If you are having trouble with your child and getting them to sleep for longer than 20 minutes at a time, I highly recommend trying one of these Nested Bean Zen Sleep products.

Product Description

Nested Bean Zen Sleepwear uses the power of touch in their products. Have you ever put the palm of your hand on your fussy baby’s chest and it instantly calmed them? I know I have, lots. Their products are unique in the way that they mimic the “cuddle effect” they would get from you holding them, and place gentle pressure on your babies chest to keep that calming effect going on through their sleep cycles.

They weighted parts of the sac are filled with non-toxic poly beads. These are the same beads that are found in beanie babies, or stuffed animals with weighted limbs.

The designers have worked along with Physiotherapists and Pulmonologists (that’s a lung doctor) to calibrate the correct weight amounts inside the sleep products. The recommendations are that no more than 10% of body weight is used. Therefore, 2oz of beads are inside each sac. This is safe for babies 7lbs and up.

What Product is Best For My Child?

That depends on the age of your baby.

Zen Swaddle – Ideal for newborns who are not rolling over yet. You can wrap your baby two ways: arms in, or arms out. The sizing for this swaddle comes in 0 – 6 months only.

Zen Sack – This is great for babies who are able to roll over on their own, or babies who do not enjoy being swaddled. Comes in three sized: Small – 0 – 6 months, Medium – 6 – 15 months, and Large – 15 – 24 months.

Zen PJ’s – This is ideal for those wild sleepers who are on their front, back and sometimes their sides. They come in two options, with feet or without. Sizes: Small – 0 – 6 months, and Medium – 6 – 12 months

What About Tummy Sleepers?

Not to worry! As long as your baby can roll over back-to-front and front-to-back on their own you can place the Zen Sack on backwards so the weighted part is resting on their back.


The Zen Swaddle 

Zen Swaddle




The Zen Sack

Zen Sack



The Zen Footie PJ

Zen Footie PJ



The Zen Bodysuit

Zen Bodysuit



All products come with a 60 day return policy if you are unhappy at anytime, as well as complimentary sleep advice!

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