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Outdoor Yoga Benefits – Just A Normal Thursday With My Gal Pals


I have written before about my mama group that I attend. I am so grateful for these women, together we are a strong tribe of support. That is what we do – we support each other in every which way.

A few of us have been together as friends since we were pregnant, and some are new comers, either way we are family.

Each week we plan to do something all together, as we have been blessed with beautiful weather through the spring and summer, we took advantage and got outside as much as we could before Fall hits soon.

Today was a special meet up for Marlow and I. Michael, Marlow and I were away in Ontario on vacation for three weeks so I didn’t get to join my tribe during that time and today was our first outing with them since we have been back.

One of our fellow mamas took us through a great outdoor yoga flow, babies included of course!

I find that yoga has great calming benefits for me, I have just recently started practicing in the mornings, and find that my anxiety is greatly lowered when I take a few minutes to calm my mind and ground myself each morning. Practicing outdoors this morning was a new experience for me, and it got me thinking…

What are the benefits of practicing yoga – and practicing yoga outdoors?

yoga 1 Benefits of Practicing Yoga (Outdoors)

Yoga has so many benefits to the body, but practicing outdoors is the ultimate way to ground yourself and literally be one with nature. You become more aware of your surroundings, and you really become in tune with all of your senses at one time. Dig those bare feet in to the earth, and embrace the uneven ground you stand on.

Not only will you be soaking up some of that sweet Vitamin D, but practicing yoga outdoors can actually give you a boost of energy, and decrease stresses that are in your life.

We all know that fresh air is good for us, and it really is! While breathing in fresh air, as you focus on each breath, your body is inhaling cleaner oxygen which can give you increased awareness, increased energy, and a feeling of less weight on your shoulders. Think of it as “inhaling the good, and exhaling the bad”.

This is also a great way to practice patience. (A huge one for me) Depending on where you decide to practice, you may become aware of the city sounds, bugs flying around, birds chirping. Accept the sounds, and use them as a sort of meditation instead of becoming annoyed with them.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Practicing Yoga?

Yoga does so many great things for our bodies, here are just a few that I find really fascinating!yoga 2

  • Helps improve sleep
  • Increases flexibility
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increases and tones muscles
  • Maintains a healthy metabolism
  • Reduces weight
  • Great for heart health
  • Decrese stress
  • Can help fight depression and anxiety
  • Helps with chronic pain

Well we all know the benefits of yoga, however, the importance of this post to me is my acknowledging my friends. I truly do cherish my relationship with each and every one of them. Living in a new city where I knew few people and being newly pregnant was very scary to me. I really had to break out of my shell, put myself out there and get connected with some like-minded women.

MarlowThese meet ups are a priority for me, even when I don’t feel like getting off the couch, even when I haven’t slept enough. It is extremely important for my mental health to stay connected, and in contact with these women.

Relationships with females were never a top priority growing up, I sure had no idea what I was missing.

Nine years ago with my son, I was diagnosed very late in the game with Post Partum Depression, and was very aware that it could happen again this time around with Marlow. It was an extremely painful time in my life that I wish to not relive. I wanted to make sure I had a support network to lean on in case the dreaded PPD struck again. I have been grateful this time around that I am genuinely feeling well.

Wishing you all a very happy weekend!

Please leave a comment if you wish! I love connecting with you all! : )





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10 thoughts on “Outdoor Yoga Benefits – Just A Normal Thursday With My Gal Pals”

  1. I find yoga a great stretching exercise/routine after working out at the gym. One added benefit of yoga or any exercise outdoors (aside from the fresh air) is the Vitamin D your body gets from sunshine.

    Personally (Vitamin D aside), I’d love the idea of outdoor yoga just for the relaxation, as you could find a nice spot on a beach, or listen to the birds in the park.

  2. Hi Montana!

    For years I tried yoga and could never really get into it. I was studying two martial art forms at the same time and so yoga always got pushed to the side. Yoga and tai chi are very similar to me and I group them together when I think of different disciplines that study the movement of the body. I find both to be incredibly valuable but so hard for me to want to do.

    That has been different since I had my baby 15 months ago. Now I spend time at least 5 days out of the week (ideally) holding some simple yoga poses to get my core back in shape. It’s slowly improving my strength.

    Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. It really is great for building up your strength isn’t it?
      I can honestly say that I feel the burn a little today, and its not a bad thing!

  3. Fantastic post, Montana and reminders on the benefits of yoga. Your Mothers group sound fantastic. My son is now 11 and I’m still in touch with many from my group – it certainly is an important bond and so necessary to get together and share experiences.

    When my son was about 3 I also began practising short guided meditations between 5 and 15 minutes per day. My son learnt that he needed to be quiet during these sessions and used to ask me will it be a long one (15 mins) or a short one (5 mins). But it was truly wonderful when he drew me a picture of a waterfall after he had heard a particular meditation which included sounds of a waterfall. The next time I used it he lay down next to me with his picture and made his own sounds of the waterfall – now that day I didn’t meditate successfully – but it was such a beautiful and memorable moment we shared together and we both remember. He and I now share listening to Abraham Hicks short meditations so we say to each other ‘have you got into the Vortex yet today’.

    I now aspire to encourage him to do yoga more too.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Meditation really is amazing, isn’t it!?
      I am so glad that you and your son can share those moments, so precious!

  4. I absolutely agree that connecting with others is important! Especially those who are in the same boat as you. Its a good boat of course.

    I also love the idea of doing yoga outside. I haven’t done it yet but it is on my “To Do” list.

  5. A great informative post, i have 2 older children and this sort of thing was not around ( well not well publicised). I now try yoga in general and love the health benefits. Thanks for sharing your insights on this.

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